I have a Sandals Attitude-How Sandals Affect Your Attitude and Personality

Published: 17th May 2011
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As women of the new millennium, we all know that how the right clothing, hair and make-up each affect our attitude and personality. When we’re having a "bad hair day", everything else is off until we get our hair fixed; we’ll even go so far as returning home on our lunch break to correct the problem and start over. But you know? latest sandals for women have more of an impact than they’re given credit for, and it’s usually for the better.

Let’s say, for example, you work in the city cente and live in suburbia. You have to take the commuter train into town, then get onto the subway, switch trains at the third stop, and finally, take a bus before walking 3 city blocks to get to work. Your mission at this point of the day is "speed and comfort", so you’ll probably be wearing the appropriate footwear (perhaps some running or walking shoes/sandals). If you wear the sandals that match your outfit for the day, your speed will probably be less than adequate and your feet will be killing you before your workday has even started. Not a good scenario for the most part, so you’ll probably pack your favorite, most comfortable pumps with a back-up pair of ballerina flats for the "just-in-case" situation. But even as you change out of your walking sandals sale and into your pumps, your entire attitude changes along with your feet.

If you’re out for the evening with a new male companion, your hair will compliment whichever outfit you choose to wear, right? Whatever you wear will reflect your plans for the evening, whether it be dinner and a movie or dancing the night away. Your sandals will finish your attitude, picking up where the hair left and clothing left off. For example, if your evening is planned to be somewhat casual, perhaps jeans or khaki’s and a nice top, you can still liven up your attitude and personality with the proper shoe choice. Maybe some knee-high boots to tuck your jeans into, or some old-skool granny boots with a 3" heel will add a bit of "you" to a casual, carefree ensemble. After all, you want to look as if you didn’t spend a lot of time getting ready, which usually takes much longer than actually looking like you wanted to take a lot of time to get ready. Sandals are the perfect quick fix or add the finishing touch to this mission.

If you’re out dancing, perhaps some strappy heels with a bit of "bling", or an open-toe pump with a 4″ heel…all to enhance.

So basically what I’m getting at here is this: don’t count out the importance of the proper sandals to complete your ideal personal presentation. Your choice in shoes/sandals should compliment your outfit while enhancing your attitude, not compliment your attitude and enhance your outfit.

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